21 mars 2023

DSK : end of story

Now that the French Socialist party is no longer in thrall to a putative savior ("l'homme providentiel"), they are going to get on with their primaries and hopefully wind up finding a presidential candidate actually residing in France and capable of making a connection with his/her fellow citizens. DSK did not fit the bill, and would have been a terrible campaigner. He may have had international credibility, but he was abysmally out of touch with the French electorate, and his aloofness and political tin ear would have become flagrant over the next few months.

He also, most likely, would have burnished his well-earned repuation as a serial sexual predator, which would have been a signal embarrassement for one and all. Many French socialists noentheless expressed incredulity when they learned about the alleged sexual assault; some of them undoubtedly remain in denial. I would suppose that in their company, DSK was on his best behavior; as a classic "Jekyll-and-Hyde" case, he expended untold stores of energy putting his best foot forward. Like many addicts, he let his urges get the better of him and turned out to be own worst enemy; he didn't even need his purported persecutors, he did himself in. On the way to Kennedy Airport, he called the hotel from which he'd hurriedly checked out, and asked for his cellphone; in other words, he gave himself away, and effectively masterminded his apprehension and arrest. End of story.


Also on NYT : http://community.nytimes.com/comments/www.nytimes.com/2011/05/17/world/europe/17france.html?permid=525#comment525

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