30 janvier 2023
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Thanks for supporting Robert Redeker, but words won’t suffice

However small, you can send a check, made out to Robert Redeker, to

21 rue Bréa
75006 Paris

Do not put any name but Madam Martine Cullier’s on the envelope, which may also be marked “personnel”.
You can also wire money directly to his account, from France:
bank code: 30066
‘guichet’ code: 10621,
Account number: 00010986401
key: RIB 63.

Outside France:

Robert Redeker
IBAN : FR76 3066 10621 00010986401 63

Any help you can give will be welcome! The list of these who have signed the first petition will be published when it has enough names.

André Glucksmann, Claude Lanzmann, Bernard-Henri Lévy

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