22 mars 2023

No to Medine at Bataclan in the name of respect for our dead


The appeal of Patrick Jardin to prevent the insult to the memory of the victims of Bataclan cannot be disregarded. We cannot let this grieving father cry in the wilderness and find himself, on the evening of October 19, alone facing Medine and 1500 spectators indifferent to the tragedy of November 13, 2015. Numerous exchanges between the officers of 5 patriotic organizations, CNRE, Ligue du Midi, Resistance republicaine, Riposte laique, and Siel led to our decision to issue a general patriotic appeal in support of Patrick Jardin's initiative. You will find it below. In 48 hectic hours we have circulated it and found 100 patriots who signed and are currently promoting it in the community. It is represented here. We would like all the French to include oneself in this patriotic union that is rising to prevent the unimaginable, Medine singing in front of the still warm bodies of the victims of Islamic terrorism.


To Bataclan on October 19!

On November 13, 2015, a series of Islamic attacks on the streets of Paris resulted in the death of 130 people, 89 of them killed execution style at Bataclan. Hundreds of others were permanently disabled and traumatized.

Less than three years later, this concert venue, which belongs to Groupe Lagardere, whose major stock-holder is Qatar, dared to invite the Islamist rapper Medine to perform there on the coming dates of October 19-20.  This "artist" openly promotes jihad — posing on his photos with a saber, calling in his songs to crucify the unbelievers, boasts, in an openly racist and hateful language, "to celebrate riots like you celebrate All Saints Day."

This insult to the memory of the victimes, to the suffering of their families, this mockery of France and its innocent dead, does not move our government. Why not a concert of Medine in Nice, in Saint-Etienne du Rouvray, in Magnanville, and everywhere, where Medine's correligionists have killed? Who could accept a performance by supporters of Hitler's ideology in Oradour-sur-Glane? The French profoundly hurt by a series of bloody attacks, numerous assassinations by trucks, cars, knife, and Kalashnikov, cannot accept this new Islamist taunt which again tests the ability of our nation to resist.

If the "Gauls" take this silently, France will be the laughing stock of the world, and its people would have to prepare themselves for many new humiliations. This new insult is intolerable. We still have time to put a stop to it.

Whatever our differences, let's gather together in front of Bataclan to show that France won't let itself be humiliated on its own soil by Medine and his Islamist supporters. Our dignity is at stake.


All in front of Bataclan, at 6 pm, October 19, 2018"

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