31 mars 2023
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Davos : The Creative Imperative

A working list of Annual Meeting sub-themes is listed below :

The Emergence of China and India
The shift of gravity to Asia and the challenges and opportunities for the global community

The Changing Economic Landscape
Managing and dealing with economic imbalances, increased oil prices, excessive demand for natural resources, disruptions

New Mindsets and Changing Attitudes
Global freedom and democracy, the impact of technology and digitalization, the emergence of the open society, responding to extremism, expectations of the next generation

Creating Future Jobs
Understanding the changing nature of growth and job creation, global employment, new skill requirements, labour mobility, and resulting social and economic consequences

Regional Identities and Struggles
Political crisis in Europe, instability in the Middle East, the future of Latin America and Africa

Building Trust in Public and Private Institutions
The need to reconnect with constituents, build trust and legitimacy, and demonstrate effectiveness

Effective Leadership in Managing Global Risks
Addressing the leadership deficit; fresh approach to complex issues; resisting sho

Innovation, Creativity and Design Strategy
Business, government and social innovators are taking on new creative capabilities and innovation strategies in response to a rapidly changing global landscape

Co-Chairs :

Mukesh D. Ambani, Chairman, Reliance Industries Limited, India
Peter Brabeck-Letmathe, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Nestlé SA, Switzerland
Martin Sorrell, Group Chief Executive, WPP Plc, United Kingdom
Lawrence H. Summers, President, Harvard University, USA

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