1 avril 2023

Christians Under Attack

Last article Theo van Gogh wrote about a couple in the Diamond neighborhood who had been intimidated by Muslim Moroccan youth into leaving- and ended with the words "How long until no Dutch people will be welcome in Amsterdam"?

"Moroccan Youth chase residents away once again"

Again a couple has been forced to flee the Amsterdam Diamond neighborhood due to being continually terrorised by Moroccan youths. This was declared by the chairman of the district Amsterdam South Emile Jansch, after an urgent meeting with 13 of his colleagues from other districts with Mayor Cohen. The couple, two homosexuals, have been harrassed both at home and in the street.
The same thing happened to the Jewish resident of the Diamond neighborhood, who had a box full of fireworks thrown into his house. The man was chased down the street with anti semitic slogans.
Jansch called the intimidation "Disturbing". He confessed that the government was powerless against it. "Alas we don’t have any ready made answers for the growing intimidation in this part of the city". There will be an investigation to see if there are similiar forms of discrimination in other parts of the city."
Minster Donner announced Tuesday that he would give 5 million euros to four cities to keep Moroccan youths on the "right path". According to the Mayor Amsterdam can really use the money since there has been new unrest in the city in the last month. Car windows have been shattered. "According to Cohen- there are just a few small things needed for the situation to explode".


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