22 mars 2023

“At the dawn of the Kuffār millennium…”

At the dawn of the Kuffār millennium, a prayer for Caliphaters, for fervent believers, for participants in the redemptive conquest of the West by Da’wa, for the warriors of the Mujaddid:
Oh Allah, the all Merciful, give us enemies who submit to our will of their own accord…
Give us enemies who help us to disguise our ambition to subject them, who muffle our acts of war, and ignore our deployment among them.
Give us enemies who believe that, “except for a tiny minority,” the “vast majority” of Muslims are moderate and peaceful; a “Religion of Peace.”
Give us enemies who accept those of us who fight for the Caliphate with Da’wa, as “moderates” who have “nothing to do” with “violent extremists.”
Give us enemies who engage us as advisors and consultants in intelligence and police work, as prison chaplains, community liaisons, college teachers and administrators.
Give us enemies whose journalists and scholars will present our war propaganda as reliable information.
Give us enemies who attack those who criticize Islam (including Muslims) as xenophobic and racist Islamophobes.
Give us enemies who adopt our apocalyptic enemy, so that they join us in an attack on one of their key allies.
Give us enemies who legitimate our terrorism as “resistance” and denounce any recourse to violence in their own defense, as “terrorism.”
Give us enemies who respect the dignity of our beliefs even as we heap disdain on theirs.
Give us enemies who believe our sincerity when we invoke human rights when, in reality, we despise those rights for women, slaves, and infidels.
Give us enemies who welcome our angry “Street” in the heart of their capital cities.
Give us useful infidels prepared to behave like dhimmi without being forced.
And may those among our enemies who act as they should, play prominent roles in their public sphere.”

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