28 janvier 2023
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Petition pour soutenir Ayaan Hirsi Ali

Au nom du relativisme culturel, il faudrait laisser les responsables de l’islam politique opprimer leurs coreligionnaires, à commencer par les femmes.

Je vous l’envoie en anglais, je pense important de vous le faire suivre immédiatement de retour de Marseille où je participais depuis vendredi au Forum Femmes Méditerranée.
Si vous souhaitez le signer, il suffit d’envoyer vos noms et qualité à Homa Arjomand homawpi@sympatico.ca
ou à regardsdefemmes@chello.fr et nous les ferons suivre.



—– Original Message —–
From: homa arjomand
To: Michèle Vianès
Sent: Friday, May 19, 2006 6:25 PM
Subject: Petition to Support Ayaan Hirsi Ali.doc

Hi Michele:
Would you like to sign this petition? It will then go on petition on line for others to sign it. Please add your name with your title of your organization and resend it to me. Please let me whose name should be added to this petition.
Homa Arjomand

Petition to Support Ayaan Hirsi Ali

The misinformation on Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s application for asylum is not a new tactic for desperate refugees, nor is it news about Ayaan, however the Dutch government has just recently decided to use this public information about Ayaan as a pretext to advance its political agenda.

The rights of citizenship for Ayaan can not be denied. However, to publicly announce the revocation of her citizenship sends a powerful message that also exposes the political agenda of the Dutch government which is to threaten and silence all opponents of Political Islam and defenders of secularism.

We believe the Dutch government is submitting to the demands of Political Islam and is trying to improve its relations with Islamic countries as well as Islamists’ groups both nationally and internationally. We oppose the ambitions of Political Islam and denounce the willingness of Western governments to comply and submit to their demands. The Muslim regimes use their economic and diplomatic power under the guise of multiculturalism and cultural relativism to advance their agenda in the West and to silence free thought and expression.

We call on all progressive organizations, all defenders of women’s rights, all protectors of human rights, all freedom seekers and all progressive individuals to condemn this vicious attack by the Dutch government against Ayaan Hirsi Ali, who is a well-known women’s rights activist, and a persistent and passionate fighter against political Islam.

By signing this petition we not only support Ayaan Hirsi Ali globally for her firm stand against political Islam but also oppose Political Islam and Islamists’ terrorism and their supporters be it be the parties in power or in the West.


Homa Arjomand
Cooedinator of International Campaign
against Sharia court in Canada

Mina Ahadi
Coordinator of International
Committee against Stoning

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