1 avril 2023

How the fake news are made up (1)?

Two exemples  :

one century ago : “(…) A few weeks earlier, during a training session, he had attended a lecture by Gottfried feder, an engineer by profession and an enlightened self-taught political economist. The author of a theory that had become an obsession, Feder blamed “speculative” capital (as opposed to “creator and producer” capital) for most of Germany’s material ills. Advocating the suppression of the former, he had already in 1917 created the German League for the Fight against Capitalist Slavery. Hitler, ignorant of the economic problems, was very impressed; Feder’s plea for the “fight against capitalist slavery” seemed to him to be “one of the essential bases for the foundation of a new party“. At the same time, he “sensed that this was a powerful slogan, a valuable tool in the struggle ahead. (…) (in Mein Kampf, p.210,213)”.

(William L. Shirer, The rise and fall of the Third Reich, published by Martin Secker and Warburg. London,1960; p.49 in the french edition published by Stock in 1961).

It’s very interesting to show how the actual so call « neo-liberalism » term linked all the time with “speculative capitalism” notion possesses some genuine roots in all of sort of definitiv thoughts which wants to be new then it are so old and above all very triky.

Just now (on BBC news) : ” (…) Johns Hopkins University, which records the data, began to include deaths with a Covid-19 probable cause. (…)”

Only it’s very not fair at all to count like that:  it’s not because you  dead with than it’s the “probable” cause…This why it’s “probably” a kind of machinery against Trump to stop him about the next presidential election.

Next will follows.

Lucien SA Oulahbib


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