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The Quran is incompatible with the Germany Constitution


At the prosecutor’s office at Gorch-Forck-Wall 15 in Hamburg, an unusual letter was received Monday morning, containing an indictment filed this weekend. The indictment targeted the Quran, charging that the holy book of the Moslems, according to the accuser, is incompatible with the German constitution.

“Support Denmark!”
The accuser is “Bundesverband der Bürgerbewegungen (BVB)”, which concerns itself with, in its own words, “defending basic rights and freedoms” against Islam. The extensive international furore, allegedly caused by the Muhammed cartoons, has made clear the relevancy of the alliance. Its homepage is decorated with a Danish flag with the words “Support Denmark! Defend the Free World.” superimposed on it.

The indictment has been filed in several states, including Hamburg, Niedersachsen, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Bayern and probably more.

In several talkshows on German TV, conservative politicians have pointed out that the Quran is incompatible with the German constitution. The Turkish-born writer Serap Cileli said on January 29 this year that “the Quran must be considered a historic document. It is not compatible with our constitution and Human Rights.”

Now the alliance wants the matter tried at the courts.

Potent Political Book
The author of the indictment in Hamburg, Jutta Starke, says that the Quran was reported to the police two or three years ago, but that the report was dismissed on the grounds that it was a book of only historical interest.

“The evenths of the last months have made clear that the Quran isn’t just a historical book, but very much a potent political book, a thing which we document extensively in the indictment,” Jutta Starke says.

She says it is a task of sisyphean dimensions to inform the media, politicians and churches of the true intentions of Islam in the enlightened world of the West.

“We are grateful to Jyllands-Posten that discussions about Islam have now become possible,” says Jutta Starke.

“You suffer for all of Europe and that’s why we find it indecent that Europe hasn’t loudly, in unison, taken a stand for Freedom of Speech against the laws of the Quran.”

The indictment consists of five pieces of paper and a number of appendices. The indictment says that it is not against Islam’s spiritual message, but against the judicial and political message.

The decisive count of the indictment “is in the Quran’s status vis a vis the Federal Republic of Germany’s constitution”. In the appendices to the indictment, 200 points have been listed “where the Quran is against and claims itself above the constitution.”

The Quran has an Answer to Everything
It is pointed out that the Quran to Moslems is the end all, be all in matters of faith, in matters of society and state and in the discourse with people of different views. The Quran says that it is the words of Allah. According to the views of several, including leading, Moslems in Germany, it is literally and absolutely true at all time and in all places, the indictment says.

The newly elected German-born chairman of the Moslem Central Council of German, Ayyub Axel Köhler, is quoted in the indictment:

“A constitution after the principle of the division of powers into the legislative, the executive and the judicial powers, is nowhere to be found in the Islamic theory of the State. From an Islamic viewpoint, this is obvious, since the laws – the laws of God – in the form of sharia, are already made and thus no legislative power is needed, in that sense of the word. Only Allah is the legislative power.”

Muslim Chancellor
A prominent Moslem, Ibrahim El-Zayat, is quoted as saying that he thinks it is possible that “the Federal Chancellor in 2020 is a Moslem, born and raised in Germany, that the Federal Supreme Court has a Moslem judge, and that a Moslem representative will be on the Federal Radio/TV Council to secure the Moslem citizens’ constitutionally guaranteed rights.”

“This land is our land and it is our duty to make positive changes. With the help of Allah, we will make it a paradise on Earth, by making available the Islamic ummah (ED: Islamic community) and all of mankind. Allah doesn’t change the situation of a people till the people have changed the situtation,” El-Zayad is quoted as saying.

Violence against the Infidels
The indictment is against the 200 verses of 114 suras (ED:chapters) of the Quran that are not compatible with the constitution, including demagoguery, incitement to murder, murder and mutilation, war, acceptance of thievery against infidels, meaning all non-Moslems. Verses are also pointed out where the equal rights of men and women are not upheld and where people of different faiths are oppressed.

Example: “The unbelievers among the People of the Book (Jews and Christians): They are the vilest of all creatures.” (Sura 98:6)

According to the indictment that paragraph violates Article 4 of the Constitution and Paragraph 166 of the Penal Code.

By Kent Olsen, correspondent to Jyllands-Posten


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1. Speaking Out, Standing Up, Hanging Together

UPDATE AND BUMP: Agora has several new posts related to the Danish cartoons and Islamism. This one points to a story from Germany where the Quran has come under legal indictment for being, “incompatible with the German constitution”.
In another post …

Trackback by bRight & Early — March 8, 2006 @ 2:30 pm

2. This litigation is a good thing and can serve to spell out in words of one syllable before the law, exactly why Islam is incompatible and a danger to Germany’s democracy and the well-being of any other democratic country. I hope this prosecution is carried out seriously and thoroughly! Defeat Islam at every turn. Make it seen to be wanting in the eyes of believers and unbelievers. Good work!

Comment by foreign devil — March 8, 2006 @ 3:46 pm

3. #2, foreign devil
Thank you. I am not so lofty that praise has no effect on me.
I am personally a bit sceptical about the moral implications of this suit. It doesn’t seem right to me that a religion should be censored like that. But at the same time I think it’s a great publicity stunt.

Comment by Administrator — March 8, 2006 @ 4:18 pm

4. Quran indicted in Germany

Agora reports a German civil movement has lodged a complaint in several German federal states against the free dissemination of the Quran. According to the complaint the Quran is incompatible with the German constitution on several key issues (no ……

Trackback by Klein Verzet — March 8, 2006 @ 5:27 pm

5. @#2,foreign devil,
this ligitation shall not censore the religion Islam at the whole!
The spiritual part of Islam shall not be censored! but the rechtlich-political part shall, because it is incompatible with the german constitution.This has been written very clearly!The main problem is,that the Koran is not a historical book but now and always the constitution of the Islam.
We must diskuss this!

Comment by jutta Starke — March 9, 2006 @ 1:47 pm

6. Jutta,

Just to give you my vote of support for this undertaking by you and the BVB. I hope this complaint will be treated seriously in at least one of the federal states in which you have submitted it. Here’s to a happy end.

Comment by Klein Verzet — March 9, 2006 @ 9:55 pm

7. This is the beginning of the reaction that I knew would happen with non-Muslims in the West. There is only so much pushing that people can take, and I think that the Cartoonifada has tipped the balance. Now if only Muhammad would be put on trial in Italy as Jesus was. Any Italians out there willing to bring that complaint?

Comment by Pim’s Ghost — March 11, 2006 @ 12:03 am

8. This is the reaction I have been expecting from non-Muslims in the West. People can only be pushed so far and the cartoonifada has proven to be the tipping point, I believe. Now if only Muhammad would be put on trial in Italy as Jesus was! Are there any Italians out there willing to bring this to the courts?

Comment by Pims Ghost — March 11, 2006 @ 12:07 am

9. I don’t remember the case name, but Hugh Fitzgerald at JW/DW has referred to a failed lawsuit against the Koran in India.
It would be interesting to resurrect the case and compare strategies.

Comment by heroyalwhyness — March 11, 2006 @ 1:14 pm

10. “The Calcutta Quran Petition” is the name of the book by Sita Ram Goel where the 1985 Indian petition to ban the Quran is minutely described -a must read. The book is downloadable from http://voi.org/books.html.

Comment by Martinito — March 11, 2006 @ 2:25 pm

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