7 février 2023
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Obsession — de retour avec des sous-titres français

Documentaire de haute qualité sur la guerre de l’Islam radical contre l’Occident, sous-titre en français

On Saturday, November 4th, Obsession aired on Fox News with a total of 1.1 million viewers. In the same time slot, CNN only had 550,000 viewers. Perhaps even more significantly, Obsession attracted about 500,000 more viewers than the regular programming in the same Fox time slot on October 28th, which is a major achievement in the news business.

On Sunday, November 5th, Obsession beat the competition yet again with 728,000 viewers. This number exceeds the number of viewers watching the elections on CNN in the same time slot.

After showing again the next weekend, a total of almost 10 million viewers across the world watched the Fox Special on Obsession this month!

Glenn Beck was so inspired by Obsession, that he aired his own hour-long show on the threat of radical Islam titled, ‘Exposed: The Extremist Agenda’. This special was followed by Fox News playing re-runs of the Obsession Special twice on Friday November 17.

Obsession was back in Google’s Top 100 videos! The abridged 12 minute version and the trailer both climbed into the 40s. The 12 minute version of Obsession has 323,368 views so far this month.

On Friday, November 3rd, Fox News published an article titled ‘Documentary portrays Islamic extremists’ call to arms against the free world’. The article detailed how Obsession exposes the stunning and explicit threats made against the West made by Islamic leaders:

“Obsession is filled with fiery speeches, from the Middle East to the streets of London and New York, in which Islamic extremists offer a stark choice for the world: either convert to a Taliban-like form of Islam or face death.”

Read the entire article

The 60-minute Obsession special with E.D. Hill featuring Wayne Kopping was aired on Fox that weekend.

Fox Fan published a Q & A session with Director Wayne Kopping and Producer Raphael Shore on November 4th. It provides an in-depth look at some of the most frequently asked questions from the public. Read the full article here.

Shire Network News’ Tom Paine interviewed Wayne Kopping this month. Listen here!

On November 22nd, Ericka Andersen of The Examiner Newspaper published an article about Obsession. Read the review here.

Find out what the MSA, Muslim Students Association had to say about Obsession in Front Page Magazine here.

Some of our newest approbations:

“[Obsession] should be mandatory viewing, not only for every one in our government at every level, but for the mainstream populace as well. If ever there was a fact-based education vehicle that could unite this country against its current foe, this is it. “
Frank Salvato
New Media Journal

“The history that’s represented in [Obsession shows] that radical Islam is spreading, and it’s spreading fast, and it’s here in the United States too. “
Jamie Colby
Fox News

“Leaves you speechless… [Obsession] is the single most powerful and terrifying public exposition of the fact that a global Islamic jihad is now being waged from Bali to Istanbul, from Chechnya to Madrid, from Morocco to Manhattan, from Thailand to Bloomsbury – and that the world that is under attack is deeply in denial about what it is facing. “
Melanie Phillips
Author and journalist, the Daily Mail

Obsession has been viewed by countries all over the world. This month Afghanistan and Pakistan have expressed interest in holding screenings at local community centers and campus colleges. Stay tuned for more details! As of now our list of upcoming screenings is as follows:

December 7- Burnsville, Minnesota
December 10- Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
January 13- Minneapolis, Minnesota
January 14- Albuquerque, New Mexico
January 23- Manalapan, New Jersey
January 24- Rochester, New York
January 28- Tenafly, New Jersey
January 29- Ottawa, Ontario
February 2- Miami Beach, Florida
For more information on any of these events, please visit our website.

To organize your own event, please contact screenings@obsessionthemovie.com. To organize your own event on your college campus, please contact campus@obsessionthemovie.com.

It is no secret that Obsession’s success is largely dependant upon our supporters. How widely and effectively we are able to spread the message about the threat of Radical Islam and the necessity for the free-world to stand up for our values is in ALL of our hands.
Click here for more information on how you can get involved.

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