7 février 2023
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The Messenger

This guy was probably born into poverty in the Middle East and was forced to leave the country of his birth to survive, only to arrive in Christian infidel England where he was given asylum, human rights and a monthly stipend from the good people of the United Kingdom and Her Majesty, the Queen.

Butcher”, “Behead” and “Slay”. Hmmm, that could be the name of a law firm. And hey, two of you fellas is carrying the same sign and all of those signs look like they were written in the same handwriting, what are the odds of that? Someone might begin to think this wasnt a completely spontaneous protest.

What’s that poster on the left saying? Are they calling out the “Fantastic 4” to help them? Are they kidding me? What, they couldnt get Aquaman? How about Gumby and Pokey for cryin’ out loud. I think those folks need to swab out the bongwater in that hookah they’ve all been smoking. Here’s a clue hadji, the “Fantastic 4”?, its a cartoon, a graphic novel and finally a movie, and not a very good one at that. It’s not real, ok? You see, thats whats missing in Islam, a really great superhero. Well, they probably had one, but they wont let anyone show pictures of him without everyone going street level insane which really puts a crimp in comic sales…

There is nothing the endears me more to a political ideal than the ability to express it in a rhyme. This phrase almost begs me to say “Burma Shave” at the end, which totally spoils its ability to frighten me…

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